I am a father, a husband, a fisherman, a gamer and sportsfan and did I mention I love to fish?.. I have 3 wonderful kids that keep my wife and myself very busy. We have a violinist, basketball players, soccer players all in a rambunctious bunch.

When I am away from Graphic Design, 3D and Illustration, I am one with ocean. I fish. I cook fish. My kids and I are seafood foodies- afficionados really when it comes to the best seafood there is. We do the Grunion Run, Fish of the pier, Catch the barred perch shore fishing, Go to Catalina Island and kill the Yellowtails, go to Seaforth Landing in San Diego to Catch some Blue Fins...

Because I fish, they fish too!

I enjoy very much being a father. I would like to think that I always strive to be the best dad for my kids. It is not about how much stuff I give to them but rather the perpetuity and the availability to spend time with the little ones. Fishing is a big part of our activities. Fishing connects our family in a way that we understand each other-through that ancient old activity of fishing hooks, fishing lines and fishing rods. Whether it be fishing on the pier, the jetty or out in charter boat- fishing is key!.